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Bønnelycke mdd

Bønnelycke is driven by an unsurpressable urge and desire to
work constructively and innovatively. He started his career in
1988 with the design of lamps, furniture and interior spaces.
Quickly, he became known as an unconventional architect
with no whims and fancies.
”It could be fun” and ”of course it can be done” – are phrases
often used in his company.
Bønnelycke MDD is a multi disciplinary design company with
both national and international experience. We are perfectionists
with professional curiosity.
We provide a wide variety of design disciplines encompassing
architecture and interior design, furniture design and product
design to communication assignments, graphic design
and web design.


Jesper Olsen

The philosophy behind Jesper Olsen’s design is clear:
Reinterpreting classic Danish design and conveying it to modern shapes
and technologies. Jesper Olsen consciously focuses on tradition and
aesthetics, culminating in modern, timeless designs.


Anders G. Ellegaard

The driving idea behind Anders G. Ellegaards design is to challenge form and technology in conjunction with a strict minimalistic expression. This - in harmony with a sense of materiality and detail – creates his view on Scandinavian Design for the future.



Kaare Bækgaard

There is a very fine line between the simple and the banal.
Through his design Kaare Bækgaard seeks to explore this border.
With inspiration from the world of geometry he creates
easily accessible lamps without unnecessary details.
“To me design is the same as music: That which is complex is
without strength, the banal lacks substance – but the simple
is able to contain both of these qualities,” explains Kaare




Carlo Volf

Design and minimalism is the focal point in Carlo Volf’s
design – and every detail is worked out.
‘Light is precious, and it must not be wasted. Good light is
essential for our well-being and therefore the lamp must give
an optimal light output,’ explains Carlo Volf.
Carlo Volf therefore works very deliberately with the covering
of the light source. Like the master of detail that he is, he
works a lot with every single bend in the distribution of the
light so the lamp has the best light properties.




Jørgen Buchwald

It took Jørgen Buchwald more than six years of intense
work to develop the beautiful lamp series Laterna Danica.
The impetus was the desire to create a series of simple and
timeless lamps. The series can be used to create an overall
lighting solution, and this special characteristic has been
used to design solutions in businesses and institutions as well
as private homes.
During the development process Jørgen Buchwald was extremely
focused on creating a series with flawless aesthetics
and a good ‘built-in economy’. In practice this has meant that
it has been possible to satisfy even the most demanding and
quality-conscious users.



Bjørn + Balle 

The design duo BJØRN + BALLE consist of the designers Christian Bjørn and Rune Balle.
In recent years they have designed various products combining a minimalistic Scandinavian design with a good feeling for current trends.
Material and details rise to a higher level and gives the products a strong identity.




Antonio Sena

The Italian designer, Antonio Sena, is living in Copenhagen and is specialized in lifestyle products. His style is defined by soft lines with an intense focus on details and functionality.

“I aspire to design honest objects that meet the needs in any given time and place.”

Antonio Sena is Design Manager at Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen, one of the leading design agencies in Denmark. Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen is specialized in the provision of design and product development for global lifestyle brands. Combining aesthetic, usability and functional aspects are essential – whether doing projects for high-end brands or solving needs in the consumer’s everyday life.