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Is it always necessary to connect the earth wire?

It is not necessary to connect the earth wire when the bed lamp or wall lamp has a double isolation box. That the lamp is double-isolated means that all current-carrying parts are protected/surrounded by insulants in various types of plastic.

Should I choose a double isolated lamp or a lamp with earth wire connection?

If there is no earth wire at the lamp site, then you must choose a lamp that is double-isolated.

If there is an earth wire at the lamp site, then you can choose both a double isolated lamp and a lamp with earth wire connection.

What sensor types are there? / How does a sensor lamp work?

There are several different sensor types, but the most commonly used sensor types in connection with lighting are either a so-called PIR sensor (Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor) or a Microwave sensor.

The first-mentioned sensor type senses when a warm object (human or animal) moves in the sensor’s area. When the sensor is activated the light will turn on for a period that is predetermined (set) or you can decide the interval / set how long you want the lamp to be turned on after the sensor has registered people or animals in the area.

The sensor’s area is stated on the user manual or on the packaging.

The microwave sensor sends out microwaves which are thrown back to the sensor (like an echo sounder) when they hit an object that is moving within a given range. When the waves are registered by the sensor the lamp turns on for a period that can also be set to a determined period of time.

What should I do if my lamps cut my circuit-breaker?

This can happen if there is condensation in the lamps. If the condensation drips from the top of the lamp to the light bulb it can cut the circuit-breaker.

See our section on remedy for condensation in garden lamps.

The lamp may also be connected the wrong way. Make sure that the earth wire is connected to the earth terminal on the lamp, or that the double isolation box is at least 10 cm above the surface of the ground in the tube of the garden lamp.

Are there limits to how many lamps I can connect in series?

You must not connect more lamps in series than the fuse box that you connect the lamps to allows.

A 10 A fuse can handle a max. load of 2300 Watt.
If they are fluorescent light fixtures it varies how many you can connect depending on the ballast (the electronic or mechanical unit that turns on the fluorescent light) in the lamp.

By connecting too many fluorescent light fixtures together you can exceed the circuit-breaker’s maximum load of 0.03 A.
It is difficult to say exactly how many of the fluorescent light type in question you can connect together as several conditions are a factor. When you reach the limit of how many you can connect together then ”the rest” has to be connected to a different circuit-breaker (a different group).

Do black lamps fade over time?

Black lamps can fade in the sunlight. You can recreate the colour of the lamp by waxing it. This treatment is repeated as needed.

Which Nordlux wall lamp can be connected in parallel?

Most of the lamps Nordlux’ outdoor range can be connected in parallel and at the moment that includes lamps in the series Discos outdoor, Phantom, Matrix, Sapphire, Clover, Cayenne, Tofu, Pilar, Figure, Sydney, Agger, Hirtshals, Aalborg 2002, Vejers, Blokhus, Fredensborg, Amalienborg, Phoenix, Venø, Scorpius, Bowler, Arc, Square, Hurricane, Malte, Virum, Iris, Luxembourg, Nibe, Cube, Marine and Skot.

This will also be stated in the technical specifications that are found under the lamp description for the product in question.

Which lamps should I choose in coastal areas?

Copper, plastic and galvanised lamps are suitable for coastal areas.

Should stainless steel be treated?

Yes, stainless steel has to be maintained with acid-free oil with a soft cloth before fixing. This treatment is repeated 3-4 times a year or more, depending on the environment that the lamp is in.

Are Nordlux copper lamps pure copper?

Yes, 100% pure copper.

Which guarantees does Nordlux give on outdoor lamps?

Nordlux gives 15 years guarantee against perforation on galvanised and copper lamps. Nordlux gives 2 years right to claim compensation and 12 months guarantee in accordance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

How can I see if the lamp can be used outdoors?

It will be stated on the packaging.

In order for a lamp to be used outdoors it must have an IP degree that is at least IP23.
The IP degree will be state don the packaging. Furthermore, the materials must be suitable for outdoor use.


Condensation is a natural phenomenon that occurs at specific atmospheric conditions.
Hot moist air and cold meets and cause condensation of water inside the lamp/glass.
When the water evaporates it results in rising water vapours that can interfere with the electrical components – some times it results in the circuit-breaker cutting out.

Condensation is not included in Nordlux’ guarantee unless it can be proven that a fault in the lamp caused the penetration of water.

In case of condensation the following should be checked:

- Is the lamp fixed/installed correctly? – Are the seals tight and are screws and glass tightened sufficiently?

- If it is a garden/bed lamp then rising soil moisture in the lamp tube can possibly cause condensation. This can be remedied by filling a sealant in the tube. Polyurethane foam like PU597 is recommended!

- Drainage holes must be kept free from dirt.


Can Nordlux bury spots be fixed in a driveway?

Some of Nordlux’ bury spots can be used for driveways. If there is a symbol of the packaging that states that the spot can handle 750 kg of load then it is suitable for a driveway.

There is water in my bury spots, what do I do?

Water in the bury spots can have several causes. It must be checked if the cable entry connector is tightened sufficiently so the water cannot get in. you also have to make sure that the seals in the lamp have been placed correctly and that the screws that hold these seals are tightened sufficiently.

Do solar cell lamps have to be charged before use?

Yes, all solar cell lamps must be charged for approximately 8 hours in direct sunlight before they give of normal light.

My solar cell lamp has stopped shining, what do I do?

Nordlux solar cell lamps turn on at nightfall. In the lamps where it is possible the battery poles are checked for dirt.
Check if the batteries are ”worn out” and if the lamp has been subjected to direct sunlight and is charged.

How are Nordlux bed/garden lamps fixed?

All Nordlux lamps are designed for fastening. You can choose to fasten the lamp in a self-made base, or for most of the lamps you can choose to get a bury base which comes with screws that fit the foot of the Nordlux lamps.

If the lamp is buried you must be careful that the connection box/double isolation connector is not under ground level. The connection box must be placed at least 10 cm above the surface of the ground in the tube.

Nordlux does not recommend burial of stainless garden lamps.