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Sustainability and demands for fewer CO2
emissions are important issues today.
The days of the incandescent bulb are numbered. Later this year an era is coming to an end, as the 75W light bulbs together with all frosted light sources and yet others to follow, will no longer be produced. At Nordlux, we have already taken this development into account.

All our new lightings have been optimized to low-energy and approximately 50% of our production is now prepared for low-energy light sources.

It is of vital importance for us to send a signal of global responsibility and as a finishing touch, we have nowextended our selection of low-energy light sources.

Look for our energy symbol,
if you want to save energy.

The symbol indicates that the lamp has an energy saving bulb or LED bulb and therefore ensures a good, economical choice of lamp with a prolonged lifetime. However, there can also be energy saving light sources fitted with lamps that have the following sockets: GU10, G9, E14 and E27.