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What do Kelvin, Lux and Lumen mean?

Kelvin: When you use the term in Kelvin in relation to light bulbs – e.g. 2700 K, it means how warm or cold the light from the light bulb seems. 2700 K is a warm light. The higher the number is, the colder the light you get. The most usable Kelvin degree at Nordlux is 2700 or 4000 Kelvin.

Lux: Lux is illuminance. This is measured by the light bulb shining on a surface and measured.
Illuminance = brightness measured on the surface that is lit.

Lumen: Lumen is luminous flux. This is measured on the amount of light that shines in all directions measured per second.
Luminous flux = The total amount of light that shines in all directions from a source of light per second.

Can energy-efficient light bulbs be dimmed?

There are energy-efficient light bulbs that can be dimmed, check the label for this at purchase, but at the moment Nordlux does not have any energy-efficient light bulbs that can be dimmed, but they will be available shortly.

Which energy-efficient light bulb should I choose to replace my incandescent?

As a rule you can find out which energy-efficient light bulb that can replace the incandescent bulb by dividing the wattage of the incandescent bulb by 5.
That means that to replace an e.g. 60W common incandescent bulb you need a 12W energy-efficient light bulb.

Can I use other light bulbs than those in Nordlux’ range?

Yes, light sources, besides the ones stated, in Nordlux’ range also exist in many other versions that can be adapted to the various wishes you may have for your lamps. Naturally these can also be used provided they do not exceed the max. effect printed on the lamp itself. This can among other places be found with Megaman, Osram and Philips.