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Which rules must be observed for lighting in the bathroom?

First and foremost it must be decided where in the bathroom the lamp should be placed.
Then you have to identify the area/zone (the bathroom is divided into 4 zones).

What does IP mean, and why and when is IP used?

IP means International Protection and is used in connection with the material’s protection class. IP is stated with 2 numbers (e.g. IP20) to say how safe the material is in connection with water penetration and the penetration of dust and solid objects.
Materials are divided into protection classes that state – partly the protection of the material itself against penetration of foreign objects and water – and partly the protection of people who touch dangerous parts.
The first number always states the degree of protection against foreign objects penetrating the material, but at the same time it states a certain smallest degree of protection of people who touch dangerous parts.
The second number states the degree of protection from water penetrating the material.

Can all Nordlux lamps be fitted with energy-efficient light bulbs?

Yes, if the size of the light bulb allows it to be fitted in the lamp.
It is the physical size and not the Watts in the light bulb that determine whether you can fit it in the lamp when it comes to energy-efficient light bulbs.

Can a wall lamp also be fixed as a ceiling lamp?

No, not always as the heat generation varies on the fixing surface depending on whether the lamp is mounted on a ceiling or a wall.

How does a Touch-lamp work?

A ”Touch-lamp” is a touch sensitive lamp, so when you touch it you will be able to regulate the light intensity either in steps or stepless. Nordlux lamps have 3 steps: Low, medium and max. light intensity.

Where can Nordlux wires be used?

Nordlux wires can be used in lamps where the wire can/has to be changed which can be seen in the instructions that come with the lamp.
Nordlux wires are heat-resistant up to 90°. The wire is 2X0.75 square and can thus carry a lamp weight of max. 2.25 kg.

Which lamps can be used in a sauna?

Nordlux do not have any lamps that can be fixed in a sauna. Lamps for saunas require a specific density and heat degrees.

Rail system (Link): How do I move the lamp on the rail system?

After fitting the adaptor cannot be pushed/pulled forwards or backwards in the rail, but must be taken off and moved to the chosen position.

Can the rail system be used for 12V?

No, it cannot as the copper conductors in the rail system are not made for the current that is deposited in a 12V installation.