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Regulation (EU) No. 874/2012 – supplementing Directive 2010/30/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to energy labeling of electrical lamps and luminaires – applying from 1st September 2013, however with exception of the following regulations which shall not be applied to before 1st March 2014:

Suppliers and dealers of electrical lamps shall ensure the fulfillment of following regulations:

     A product fiche is made available containing the same information as prescribed for the energy label.
    The energy label is as well considered as a product fiche (data sheet)
    Technical documentation is made available on request to the authorities of the Member States.
    Any advertisement/catalogue, campaigns, and price offers must state the energy efficiency class.
    All luminaires presented at a point of sale must be accompanied by the energy label (see picture).
    The energy label shall be displayed in one of the following ways:
            - In proximity to the displayed luminaire
            - Clearly accompanying the most directly-visible information about the displayed luminaire in the point of sale

For marketing through a point of sale such as internet shops etc. the supplier must promptly upon request deliver the energy labels for free to the dealer either in electronic or in paper format.
If the luminaire includes electrical lamps which can be replaced, the original packaging of those luminaires must be enclosed in the luminaire packaging, alternatively the outside or the inside of the luminaire packaging must present, in some or other form, the information given on the lamp’s original packaging.

Nordlux will be able to provide our customers with the information about energy efficiency class to each of our current catalogue luminaires in the beginning of September 2013.
The energy labels will be available 1st February 2014 at the latest.