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Design for the people
This is what Nordlux’s new vision sounds like. It’s rather simple. We want to create design products at a price affordable for everyone. And in a quality that holds – year after year. Great design is namely not reserved for the chosen few. Quite the contrary. Our stylish products invite everyone on board and give ordinary people an opportunity to become designers in their own home. Our goal is clear: We want to be the preferred supplier for the consumer market. Always.

Innovative frontrunner
We have big ambitions – and something to hold them in. For us, success begins with innovation. It is only this way that we can ensure that our products match global impulses – and are perhaps even a

step ahead of them. However, innovation is not enough. It is only when you add an unfaltering focus on results, service, strong team and, in particular, customer needs that we can ensure that Nordlux is an innovative frontrunner on the market.

Success with clear conscience
When we develop lamps, we do it with clear conscience. This means that we assume substantial social and environmental responsibility in our everyday work. From drawing the first lines until the ready lamp is ready for sale. Cutting edge design is namely also a matter of treating people and the environment properly.